Steven Biller

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Wellesley College

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Research Technician

Samantha Silvestri

Sam obtained a B.S. in Marine Biology from Stony Brook University and her M.S. in Biology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Her areas of expertise range from invertebrate community dynamics to phylogenetics. Her current research with the Biller Lab examines the ecological role of extracellular vesicles in marine microbial communities, as well as their role in the marine carbon cycle.

Current Members

  • Patty Benitez-Lomi ’23
  • Haley Goodrow ’23
  • Jackie Gong ’22
  • Marina Santos ’24
  • Sanjana Ramchandran ’22
    • Sanjana is a senior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in South Asia Studies. She has previously contributed to a project seeking to quantify rates of vesicle-mediated horizontal gene transfer through qPCR. She joined the team in June 2019 and is happy to talk to interested students about research at Wellesley.
  • Amanda Zhu ’25
  • Sam Elliott ’25

Former members

  • Mary Tian ’23
  • Julianna Kenny ’22
  • Jasmine Li ’21 (Currently at the Broad Institute)
  • Emily Yeager ’20 (Currently at U. Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science)
  • Alia AlShaye ’23
  • Jackie Ngo ’23
  • Adelle Wang ’24