Steven Biller

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Wellesley College

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  • Jasmine Li ’21
  • Sanjana Ramchandran ’22
    • Sanjana is a junior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in South Asia Studies. She is currently working on two projects: one aiming to quantify rates of vesicle-mediated horizontal gene transfer through qPCR, and another tracking vesicle cargo delivery via the Cre-Lox system. She joined the team in June 2019 and is happy to talk to prospective students about research at Wellesley. Outside of lab, you will most likely find her practicing taekwon-do, playing viola, or reading fiction.
  • Jackie Gong ’22
  • Haley Goodrow ’23
  • Adelle Wang ’24

Former members

Emily Yeager ’21

Jackie Ngo ’23